Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency – Passive solar nestled in Michigan forested country side.

Energy Efficiency Project: The Lovely Tanglewood

Location: Chelsea, Michigan

Date: 2010

Building Type: Residential

Window Products Selected: European tilt/turn wood-clad windows in high performing triple glazing by Hawkeye Windows.

Designed and Builder: Kevin Kolb, The Kolb Company, LLC, Dexter, Michigan

Summary: Nestled in the tranquil wooded countryside of Chelsea, Michigan is our Tanglewood project. Balanced exceptionally well in both color and position, this structure blends magnificently into the natural surroundings of a forested environment. The Tanglewood was purposely designed with a focus on energy efficiency and splendor; and without question, we have to agree it accomplished both.

For this nature-inspired residence, Hawkeye Windows and Doors was commissioned to provide our elegantly unpretentious European windows and doors. We supplied the entire home with window energy efficiency via our European windows and doors. Featuring high performance 40mm triple gazing framed in clear finished larch wood, our lovely European wood-clad windows are truly a miser for energy loss and a spendthrift on beauty. When interfaced with the rain screen exterior cladding, they are highly effective in helping to facilitate the control of energy, as well as moisture movement throughout the structure.

Windows throughout this bucolic residence were configured with the tilt-turn and turn-tilt function for ease of use, accessible ventilation and added security. We additionally supplied entry swing doors, along with expansive folding doors and glass wall windows for a stunning effect.

As with every project Hawkeye is involved with, we are always proud of the end result. The Tanglewood is truly a nature lover’s dream. As one of our more rustic projects, the inspiring heights of the large windows in this home perfectly reflect the timber setting of its location. Adding to the appeal and beauty are the panoramic views of the lake’s crystal waters below and the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets created from the enveloping sky above.

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