acoustic glass windows and sound abatement windows

Acoustic Glass Windows – Reduce the noise!

Acoustic glass windows are made from a grouping of various glass types and allow you to sit back and relax while you enjoy the peace and quiet in your personal den or bedroom due to the reduced sound transmission from the noisy outside. Known also as acoustical insulating glass, it is the ideal choice for home or office structures located in close proximity to heavy traffic areas such as inner cities, airports, rail lines, or lakes with busy boat traffic.

It’s called noise pollution, and it’s more than a nuisance or a simple distraction.  It is well known that exposure to loud noises is a certain cause of stress and agitation.  As sound levels increase, our bodies release adrenaline and our blood pressure rises, leading to a wide range of medical complications, cognitive impairment, tinnitus and sleeping disruptions.

Acoustic glass windows can be extremely effective in deterring noise from entering your living or working space.

The mechanics behind the soundproof glass windows from Hawkeye is a special interlayer, called PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) sandwiched between two pieces of various glass that acts to strengthen the glass and dampen or reduce sound frequencies from moving from one pane to another pane. Thus, reducing the energy transfer, and acting like a volume knob to outside noise levels.

Surrounding yourself with acoustic glass windows in your home will help you enjoy a restful sleep at night and a relaxing day at home. In the office, it will give you the tranquility you need to focus and work diligently throughout the day. As an added incentive, our soundproof glass windows also provide a large reduction in UV transmission – up to 99% – and greatly enhances security against break-in attempts and/or impacts.  As a matter of fact, acoustic glass can be manufactured in all manner of thicknesses and multiple PVB layers so, from a security standpoint, the secondary benefit of protecting buildings cannot be overlooked.

For added peace of mind and extra security, call Hawkeye today about our energy efficient acoustic glass windows.