Aluminum clad wood windowsAluminum Clad Wood Windows

The aluminum cladding on our windows is virtually impenetrable! Made from a thick aluminum, our cladding creates a metal shield around the wood window protecting it from all the elements- weather, direct sunlight, external damage- even moisture and condensation. Our rough, tough and durable cladding is available on all our European style windows; and all our aluminum cladding can be powder coated with 10,000 plus color options from the RAL color chart.
Much like a shield, the exterior aluminum cladding on our products is off-set and designed not to interface or touch any part of the wood structure.  We do this to minimize direct energy transfer from the aluminum to the wood and to eliminate areas where condensation would occur between the aluminum and the wood.

Aluminum Clad European style windows

We can clad all European style windows such as swing casements, tilt-turns, tilt-slide, lift-slide, folding, pivots, awnings, and hoppers. We offer ten exterior aluminum profiles and one bronze profile.  We have one aluminum profile with a hidden sash (not visible from the exterior) and we can augment all styles with various aluminum sill pans, no-slip aluminum or stainless threshold, along with various other options to suit your design.

If you are looking for cladding that in unsurpassed for protection and will perfectly coordinate with your design, give us a call at Hawkeye today and get your aluminum clad wood window!