Art Glass for Windows & Doors

Art Glass for Windows & Doors

Designing art glass for your windows and doors will open up a whole new world of expressing your uniqueness as it enhances both the exterior and interior structure of your home. Whether you desire sandblasted, etched, stained, beveled, painted or photographic art glass we can infuse any design into your door or window to reflect your design.

Obvious choices for art glass in your home will of course be an entry door, but we can also masterfully apply your design in your bay or bow windows. Larger windows can easily accommodate beautiful arrangements of glass patterns, or for a more subtle display, you might want to consider filling side windows with a smaller glass design. Another option suitable for art glass in your home is your master bedroom closet. Often times, heavy obscure glass is installed in closet windows so changing them out for beautifully designed glass is a much more aesthetically pleasing choice.

Ways to display your art glass for windows and doors

At Hawkeye Windows and Doors we have several ways to display your decorative glass. One popular option is to encapsulate the glass inside a thermal pane. This simple means locks the art glass in an insulated window so that it remains secure and protected; which in turn, keeps it clean and free from damage.

Another popular option is to secure any custom glass to the inside of the window. This application entails a secondary glazing to securely attach the art glass to the inside, but with a pre-determined space between the glass and window pane. This eliminates the annoying rattling sound that can occur when the two glasses are touching.

From traditional to contemporary glass, let our experts show you how beautifully illuminating art glass can enhance the doors and windows in your home.

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