Consulting for the perfect project

Close consulting makes the difference

It is intuitive that high quality windows and doors must be backed up by superior consulting and installation details, especially if you want your project completed professionally and correctly. That is why we highly recommend to our clients that our consulting services become a fundamental and essential component of the design team.

By becoming involved early in the design phase, we can help ensure the best installation and interface details unique to each new building or renovation project are in place. We can also make certain all issues regarding the structural integrity and migration of water, as well as the air and moisture vapor at the window and door openings in the building shell are addressed and resolved.

With our many years of experience, Hawkeye’s expert consultants are familiar with every aspect and nuance of European window and door systems. This gives us the ‘inside track’ when it comes to recognizing areas of improvement for design performance. We are also proficient when it comes to design aesthetics and helping you make important decisions that will not only be beneficial after your project is completed, but also for many years to come.

Contact our Hawkeye experts today so you can experience a more personalized and detail-oriented consulting service.