Custom windows of your desire

Our custom windows are only limited by your imagination and creativity! From crafting your windows to any shape or size, to the sashes, frames and sills you choose, the variety of screening we offer, the position of the handles, the type of wood you prefer, the thickness of your glass, the intricate wood carvings and LED lighting to the endless color combinations and options you have to choose from…we can create any customized window to suit your individual taste, lifestyle and budget!

Most people consider tilt turn, tilt slide, lift slide and folding products custom windows; but the truth is…they are not. At Hawkeye Windows and Doors, our product customization is so much more involved, not to mention detailed. Just take a look at all the ways we can customize your windows…

We always make our products to the exact size; yet, we can tweak the frame thickness, the sash profile and the part between the two sash of a French window or door- which by the way, is called the flying mullion. We also have several options for glazing bead styles but can always make a custom shape if necessary (the glazing bead is the wood part that holds the glass into the sash). We are experts when it comes to creating unbelievably strange shapes and radii. We can make one huge frame and assembly smaller windows inside this large master frame; which actually improves its strength.

Do you have other preferences for you custom windows?

Desire a wood carving? We can effortlessly add one to any part of the window, inside or out to make beautiful door kick panels or ornate window or door frames. We can adjust the handle position up or down to accommodate your personalized needs- whether you are a petite housewife or a sizable basketball player- even for those who require the use of a wheelchair. Adding swing limiters to limit the sash travel is no problem for us. For those coastal home and business owners, we can easily weld our aluminum exterior, which is a highly recommended application for coastal dwellers.

We also pre-treat our aluminum before painting which is an ideal treatment to protect your home against salt spray. We can also facilitate the drainable plane with many options of sill pans. We have nearly a dozen wood species ready to go, but custom wood is never a problem. And, we will finish the wood in just about any color imaginable. We provide custom color details such as multiple color combinations (Frame one color, sash another color and screen frame a third color).

Prefer thin or thick glass?

The glass for any window can be done as a single pane, but we also go all the way up to three panes of glass that is 52mm (2”) thick. We can mix and match the glass so it may be annealed, tempered, laminated or a combination of each to satisfy engineering efficiency, sound control, or security. The thermal efficiency of our glass and seals will protect your home and work effortlessly to control the humidity that greatly affects pianos and guitars. We can, and have, provided projects with LED lighting inside the glass thermal-panes. The beautiful illuminating glow this produces, especially on leaded or art glass makes quite a spectacular statement.

We can additionally provide the profiles to hide the sash from the exterior; which results in only a small part of the frame showing and no sash is viewable after installation. This may be necessary if the required design is a sleek, modern look with expansive viewable glass. We can do fixed screens, screens on hinges like little doors or roll-up screens that are discreetly hidden when not in use. The possibilities of customizing our products are truly only limited by your imagination and the designs you envision!

Want to learn more? Contact us today so we can discuss all the endless customization possibilities for your custom windows.