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European and Faux Double Hung Windows

Americans are very familiar with domestic double hung windows as they are the most common window style in our market. They are simply vertical oriented sliding sashes. However, that is where the simplicity ends. It actually involves some series engineering to produce a double hung window that performs year in and year out. As an example, take a wood double hung window; in the winter the wood tends to shrink – due to lower humidity not temperature – so the window actually performs at a lower level when it is actually needed the most. The balancer – the hardware that actually holds up the top sash – is also placed under some serious stresses to actually carry the weight of the top sash for the life of the window.  Consequently the hardware will eventually weaken or break.

This is where European and Faux double hung begin to make a lot of sense. Simply stated, a “European” double hung is like a tilt/slide window placed vertically and a “Faux” double hung is a tilt/turn window configured to imitate a traditional double hung window.  Both of these systems operate like a tradition swing windows.  Therefore, they also perform far above what is possible for a traditional double hung or sliding window. And being they are European, they both are fully adjustable; something that is not available with American double hung or American casements.

Faux Double Hung Windows

The Faux double hung is an inswing casement with a center horizontal bar imitating the center locking rail of a traditional double hung. The top half of the casement is even offset slightly to the exterior to imitate a traditional double hung with an off-set top sash. However, the complete unit operates and performs like a casement. This concept gives us the look we desire but the superior performance of a tightly sealed casement and the ease of operation of a swing window with an intuitive lever handle.  The concept offers a product that is much easier to clean and allows for safety egress openings to be substantially smaller.  Think how easy a tradition double hung would be to clean or how easy it would be to use as a safety escape if the double hung would swing from the side vs from the top.

European Double Hung Windows

In a slightly similar way, the “European” double hung seals like a casement but opens a bit like a traditional double hung window.  It operates as if the side door of a minivan was turned on it nose. The side door of the minivan kicks out then slides to the side. Likewise, the bottom sash of a European double hung kicks out then moves up. A European double hung is designed to meet the needs of the historical market but offer contemporary performance values.

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