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Fenestration products

We are often asked, “What are Fenestration Products”. Fenestration is an architectural term for window, door and skylight products in commercial buildings; or more accurately, openings in a building’s façade. And these openings are comprised of anything that allows passage from the buildings outside to the inside. The word actually derived from the Latin work fenestrae, meaning holes.

Fenestration Systems – Is it design or is it function

Architecture can be thought of as an art with a balance of design vs function.  Windows and doors are necessary for a buildings’ environment and functionality.  However they, unfortunately, break the seal – called the envelope – of the building, providing likely places for air, water, and allergens to enter the structure and reducing energy efficiency.  Therefore, balancing that artistic design with function can be quite tricky.

That is where good windows, doors, skylights and curtain wall come in.  Openings such as windows and curtain wall allow for natural lighting of the structure and do promote passive solar heating and/or cooling, as well as contributing to natural ventilation, air circulation and emergency exits. Doors are also quite important as they provide a direct path of entry and exit to the building. Skylights produce identical benefits as windows.  Quality windows, doors and curtain wall from Hawkeye Windows & Doors are designed to provide all these benefits, and more, while maintaining the building envelope; and giving the architect more freedom to showcase his artistic design.

Fenestration products from Hawkeye are designed as a rainscreen with multiple seals, gaskets and glazings to control the flow of energy, water and allergens that move across the building façade.  And we do it beautifully, too.  We have hundreds of colors, various profiles, multiple wood species or synthetic material, glass units from 4mm to 50mm, high R values and untold size combinations for even the most artistic architect to ponder.

For a full fenestration system to your façade, call Hawkeye Windows today!  We will discuss all window aspects of your proposed building design.

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