Interior & Exterior French Doors

French Doors

A double door unit with nearly all glass is called a French door. Interior or exterior, the French doors are perfect for opening up a wall to a vast amount of light while still complementing the normal traffic flow of a home. They are also extremely functional for most homes, yet offer a heightened degree of aesthetics and style while offering a simple way to interconnect your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Because these doors open fully and do not have a center post, they are an easy choice for areas that need to open for parties or family gatherings such as summer barbeques and other backyard parties. They greatly increase the useable floor space and create an easy access point that allows all guests easy movement back and forth from the home.

French doors, even when closed, naturally provide a great view.

However, when fully opened, they enhance the natural blending of the indoors and outdoors by reducing barriers to the natural traffic flow and help an interior space feel larger.  They will also greatly complement a connected appearance to the exterior with an integrated and natural feel.  And it goes without saying, a large set of French doors will also stimulate large amount of natural ventilation and lighting.

Add a French door to a balcony or even a small “Juliet Balcony” off of a master bedroom suite to enhance the view, ambiance and mood of the room.  The room will instantly feel more open, bright and cheerful.  The elegance will transform the room from more than just a simple rectangle area with a bed.

Standard French Doors or a pair of French Doors with sidelights is a wonderful balance of tradition style with a slightly modern touch.  They also balance privacy with exterior connectivity at a fraction of the budget that larger doors demand.

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