historic duplication doors

Historic Duplication Doors at the most accurate

When it comes to Historic Duplication Doors the possibilities are endless at Hawkeye Windows and Doors. We specialize in meticulously recreating custom designed doors to the strictest specifications so the end product is a perfectly crafted match for your replacement. From the tiniest detail in the stile, the rail size and shape- to the panel configuration and depth, no detail comes off the machining table without extensive and expert planning. We will even cut custom knives to duplicate the complete door façade and will work with your architects, designers and developers to provide historically accurate doors while simultaneously improving the energy efficiency and security of your entrance.

Historic Duplication Doors Customization

At Hawkeye, we know that old architecture has a very abounding charm, rich character and full history. It’s what makes them a lovely place to live and work. However, those many passing years of use is also hard on heavy use items – like doors. And we know that modern replacement doors will not fulfill the distinctive requirements that historical locations, sites, registered places or preservations require. That is why Hawkeye’s skilled personnel can work with your design team to create or replicate doors that are beyond repair. We can easily customize for unusual joinery, details, sizes and shapes to match your current architectural details, including most glazing options.

We realize that projects requiring a high level of historical detailing are very challenging. However, with our personnel, we are willing to tackle your project with professionalism and a dedication to detail that will insure your historical door will return to the focal point that it once had in regard to your building’s façade. At Hawkeye, we have “an eye for excellence” and will be happy to use our skills on your authentic replica door so that your lovely building retains the charm and character it once had.

If you are hoping to re-create a historic design, let the experts at Hawkeye show you how it can be perfectly matched in your replacement. Get your Historic Duplication Door now with Hawkeye Windows and Doors! 

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