Impact rated / hurricane rated windows and doors

Impact rated windows and doors for our peace and protection

Although purposely created for coastal applications, the benefits of our impact rated windows and doors are immeasurable.  They protect your window and door opening from flying debris and damaging winds.  And while plywood may be a cheap alternative as a window covering during storms, this solution may do more harm than good because it won’t hold up to sustained high windows. And if the plywood comes loose from the fasteners it could become another piece of flying debris.

Hurricane vs Impact Windows

Often used interchangeably, impact windows and hurricane windows differ in some important ways.  Impact windows were first used in the auto industry as a laminated safety windshield that would hold together when impacted by an object.  The glass might break but the laminated interlayer, typically made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), would keep the glass from breaking up in sharp sections.

Hurricane windows will use a heavier thickness of interlayer, depending on the location, window size and pressure demands.  For example a 0.060” PVB interlayer will be utilized for a Level C Rating for non-coastal areas prone to violent weather.  However, for direct coastal applications or anywhere high impact safety is required, a Level D Rating is specified.  The PVD in a Level D impact window will be 0.090” thick and provide a stiffer, more structural medium between the glass lites.

Hurricane windows will also mate the safety glass with robust, high impact frames and come with specific installation instructions for securely installing the window into the structure.

Our Hurricane Rated Products

Hawkeye’s hurricane rated windows and doors with a heavy duty frame and impact resistant glass are designed to keep your home safe and secure during Mother Nature’s wrath of a hurricane. Yet, they also are ideal if you are looking for that extra security. Not only do they keep broken glass intact with their polymer interlayer placed “sandwich” style between two sheets of glass, they can also ward off forced entry.

Due to the design details of science, impact rated glass also helps block nearly 100% of UV light and significantly reduces outside noise such as lawn mowers and boat motors. As an added incentive, our hurricane rated windows and doors might also lower your insurance premiums, while increasing your home’s value.

Treat yourself to an expense reduction, a safer environment and a more comfortable standard of living with our impact rated products. Contact Hawkeye Windows and Doors today.

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