Importing Delivery Services

Importing Delivery Services

Over the years Hawkeye Windows & Doors has gained both the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully import client’s European windows and doors and move that freight across the nation in a cost efficient and expedited manner.  We are familiar with full and less-than-full container sizes connected to air and ocean bound freight and utilize each shipping method that is best to suit the needs for any project.  We are also familiar with the several US coastal ports on the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast and utilize either the nearest port of entry associated with any given project or, perhaps, a secondary port to avoid unnecessary elevation changes for products bound for the mountainous west.

Through the years, we have also formed professional and respectful working relationships with a network of very skilled and energetic customs clearance brokers, shippers, freight forwarders, clerks and inspectors. Collectively, we work together in planning and scheduling the best possible route and pre-plan all aspects of your purchase in advance; from shipping destination and land transport via rail car to the final truck delivery. Our Importing and delivery services are also proficient in handling the volumes of paper work, filing, inspection reports, declarations, bonding, duties, fees and taxes for a smooth and efficient import transition.  However, please note, sale or use taxes are still applicable on the local level.

Our pre-plan route specifics also determine whether a particular job site is accessible to a full size container or whether off-loading may need to be done street-side or at a localized warehouse.  For site or street-side unloading an extended boom forklift is necessary.  We may also schedule delivery with lift-gate trucks for smaller crates.  Our aim is to be as efficient as possible for the contractor on site as the typical unloading time is two hours.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about our importing delivery services.

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