Lift slide doors

Lift and Slide Doors for the truly large doors

Our lift and slide doors will lift your spirits just knowing how easy they are to use and care for! Very similar to the tilt and slide, our lift and slide door also moves the door panel to a new position before opening. The only difference is that it moves up and to the side rather than moving inward. This subtle difference may be small but shouldn’t be underestimated in its usefulness. This movement is enough to clear all the weather-stripping from all moving parts which allow the door to slide friction free to an open or closed position. What does this mean for the homeowner? It means that the seals on your lift slide doors will infinitely outlast any domestic counterpart. As a result of this doors’ functioning feature, they are virtually friction-free because there is no buildup of sand, dirt, leaves, crushed insects etc. to hinder the movement.

The easy fingertip operation is a direct benefit from a highly engineered, European carriage that lifts the massive panels off the track for virtually weightless and smooth movement for the full life of the door.

Lift and Slide Doors Options

The doors also offer many options for the homeowner, as they can be crafted quite large and be configured into a three or four panel stackable system that either slide away from the centre or all to one side. They can also be designed to stack against the wall or discreetly slide into a pocket in the wall to create an optimal view from both the interior and exterior of your home.

The doors also are available as a corner configuration to optimize full panoramic views that seamlessly integrates the inside space with the outdoors charm.

And if a rustic barn door feature is the suitable and desired appeal for your home, we have lift and slide doors that slide onto an interior wall surface.  This style will surely become the centerpiece of your home.

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