LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions – put some WOW in your windows and doors

Our lighting solutions will light up your home in creative patterns with the illuminating glow from our LED lighted glass. Applications are as varied as your creative mind can wonder.  Such examples include entry doors with dimmer switches to dampen the light display on a timed fashion, glass window walls to highlight the building façade and lighted skylights.

Current technology allows LED lights to be powered through a laminated glass medium capable of conducting electricity directly (no wires).  The individual diodes – millions of them – may be powered using a driver supply, remote handler or computer interface and programed to produce any image you desire.  Advantages of current LED technology are clear-free transparency in your glass, minimal power consumption, insignificant heat development and a very long product life.  Likewise, today’s high quality manufacturing ensures the product will be resistant to moisture even in wet areas such as exterior windows, doors and skylights.

Lighting Solutions – LED Glass

LED glass is a very eco-friendly product and energy friendly solution to responsible lighting that is well suited to net zero building trends.  The quick advancement is quickly positioning the feature to be commonplace in many residential and commercial applications.

LED glass, also known as media glass or electroluminescent glass, is an excellent way to showcase your art glass design in our windows and doors. If you have spent the time and money to have your custom art glass design fabricated to enhance an entry door or accentuate your spacious bay window…why not go one step further and have it back-lite so you can enjoy it even after the sun disappears on the horizon.  And sense the base product is a laminate safety glass and is waterproof, as well as UV resistant, the side benefits are numerous.

The soft glow illuminating from the LED lighting can give your custom design new life as it creates a memorable conversation piece with each visitor who arrives at your home.

Let’s explore all your options for a LED Lighting in your home! We are waiting for your call!