Passive house windows

Passive house windows for beyond basics

Not to be confused with a brand, passive house windows are so highly insulated they are super energy efficient. If you are looking to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, a passive house is a revolutionary and voluntary building concept that is intricately designed to control energy transfer. With windows, that energy transfer is through glass, glass spacer, frame, and weather-stripping. The overall standard results in ultra-low energy use buildings that require very little energy for heating or cooling. The passive house standard is not limited to single family residential buildings, either, as multi-family housing, office buildings, schools and health care all benefit from the energy reduction standard.

While complicated performance metrics are planned out, the concept is really quite simple. According to, it is to “find the climate specific sweet spot where aggressive energy and carbon reduction overlap with cost effectiveness”. To do so will require the calculation of a wide range of input variables such as climate zone, energy source and application costs.

Passive house windows – energy efficient

The concept relies on a very efficient and draft-free shell to reach the low energy use numbers (75% less energy than an average new building uses and a 0.6 air exchange rate per hour); and windows are a large part of that shell. Our PH windows are made to such a degree of quality and engineering that they qualify for Passive House certification.

Make every watt count with our high quality, technologically engineered and certified window products and reap the benefits of the passive house standard. Enjoy the obvious advantage of low monthly energy use bills. Another, not so obvious upside is increased indoor air quality with the elimination of toxins and particulates from accumulating in your home. And don’t forget the improved sound quality inside by reducing the sound pollution from the outside.

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