Patio doors

Patio doors, balcony doors

Patio doors and balcony doors are versatile and functional by design.  They are designed to give a luxurious appearance and a grand feel to your home.  They usually have large open glass areas for expanded views and attractive design balance. They may be as simple as a single door or, the more popular, French Door design to elevate the spacial beauty of the wall area.  Architects and designers may also choose to combine various patio door configurations with complementary glass sidelites and transoms for a heavy visual emphasis and panoramic effect.

Patio and balcony doors are also an easy way to create popular indoor-outdoor living spaces. As many homeowners contemplate expanding the living area with open patios and exterior kitchens, the indoor-outdoor living space is quickly becoming a popular home remodelling trend.

Choose from either an inward or outward swing option to best utilize your floor space, furniture arrangement, traffic flow and room focal points. Also, choose a design that offers the widest doorway as possible for greater access to and strongest connection with the outside as possible. French style patio doors may also be utilized throughout your home to establish transitional movement patterns and open shapes.

Patio Doors are Safe and Secure

Patio Doors and Balcony Doors from Hawkeye feature heavy, secure framing, as well as a full perimeter locking system for security and weather-tightness. With our state-of-the-art locking system, you can rest assure that unwanted guests will find it more than challenging to enter the premises.  And with our well placed weather seals, we can help your home become more energy-efficient and quiet; and perhaps increase your home’s value.

Therefore, whether your emphasis is on design, space, security or energy efficiency, rest easy knowing your indoor pets, toddlers and other family will be safe and secure inside your home with the Patio or Balcony doors you install from Hawkeye.

Discover how versatile and safe our patio doors can be by discussing your options with Hawkeye today!

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