Powder Coat Paint Selector gives many choices

Powder coat paint

Powder coat paint is top notch! This high quality and beautiful finish is common in many of the consumer products used each day and tough enough for the heaviest industrial machines. A residential appliance represents the largest application of powder coat applications but is also very common in the auto industry, outdoor furniture, sports equipment and agriculture equipment. In the construction arena, powder coating is perfect for building facades, stadium components, posts, beams and fencing elements.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Various polymer resins, pigments and other modifiers are mixed in liquid form, cooled and dried, then ground into a flour-like powder. Spray-applied with a slight electric charge, the powder becomes electrostatically adhered. After the application the parts are heat cured, producing a strong molecular bond and the well-known wear qualities of the powder coat finish.

Using powder coat paint at the factory is much more efficient since it allows us to fulfil our eco-friendly practices. Transfer rates are about 70% and the remaining 30% can be recaptured and recycled back into the powder coat supply bin for use on other items. It is also much safer to use because the product itself does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) or solvents.

Powder coating is our standard

At Hawkeye we use this process for powder coating our windows, doors, roll shutters and curtain wall – which means you’ll not only be able to perfectly match the interior and exterior color scheme of your home, it will last for many years to come. You see, our powder coat paint is much harder and thicker than liquid applied paint. It is also more durable than the traditional paints used on windowsdoors, roll shutters and curtain wall. Therefore, our product finishes are more resistant to moisture, harsh chemicals, ultraviolet light, scratching, chipping, sun fading and other wear effects.  We at Hawkeye Windows & Doors are proud to offer a finish you will enjoy and be very pleased with for many years to come.

Let the experts at Hawkeye explain how RAL aluminum powder coat paint is the ideal choice for your windows and doors.

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