Replacement windows and doors

Replacement windows and doors for all properties

With our state-of-the-art replacement windows and doors, you’ll never have to replace anything again! With our system, we can either work around your old windows without overly compromising your current view or remove your old window frames in their entirety. With our cutting edge technology and our skilled craftsmanship, every replacement window is fitted to perfection right down to the studs!

As is customary in the replacement windows and doors industry, the old window sashes are removed and the frames are left in place for a new window to be inserted inside the old frames. We take that step a little further.  At Hawkeye, we can actually custom mill our new window frames to embed, not on top of, but around the old window frame.  This great value saves time and labor charges and potential damage to walls, drywall and trim when compared to full frame replacement windows.

Simplify replacement windows and doors process

Design trends are for optimized and maximized glass area with a contemporary and modern look as customers look to create an open feel and modern character. For our replacement windows and doors, at Hawkeye we offer slim line frames and hidden sashes to produce these desired traits to maximize the view while offering a slim, modern frame profile.

Modern material of choice in wood, uPVC, fiberglass, aluminum or composite is also available as a base material with optional coverings in aluminum, foils and acrylics compliment the efficiency, colors and maintenance free aspect of the window for our clients.

Another trend for replacement windows and doors is muntins and grids to split the full glass into small, Colonial Style sections. With modern grids inside the glass, the historic character may be maintained while producing a window glass that is much easier and safer to clean.

We also have the full complement of accessories for our replacement windows and doors; such as shims, sill pans, foam tapes, sub-sills, frame expanders and flashings.

Don’t waste another minute, let Hawkeye provide you with replacement windows and doors that will stand the test of time!

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