European rolling shutters rolladen

European rolling shutters – Safety and security on a tube

The name Rolladen is actually the German word for rolling shutters. One of the primary reasons that our clients choose a rolling shutter is the peace of mind it gives them knowing their home is safe and secure. Comprised of a heavy extruded shutters fitted with retention pins, these particular shutters are one of the best deterrents for burglars. European rolling shutters have become a popular choice for many architects, designers and homeowners because in addition to providing an extra security feature to your structure, they are an attractive and discreet way to add storm protection, shading, noise reduction and dust control to your home. They are also an excellent choice in terms of an energy efficient shutter.

For those clients living in coastal areas, the Rolladen shutter offer optimal coastal storm protection. Our systems are rated for high wind and wind driven debris to protect your property during hurricane force winds. We even offer remote control devices to activate your shutters when you are off the premises. With the Rolladen system, you can be confident your property is protected at all times.

European rolling shutters – Passive Solar

Passive solar use is another application of our shutters. In passive solar design windows, walls and floors form a system to collect, store and distribute solar energy. Our shutters work as a switch to that design. After the sun’s solar energy has entered through our windows and become stored in the walls and floors (heat sink) our shutters can be lowered as a way to retain the released energy inside the building at night.

With the proper design, we can incorporate your shutter into the wall during the window and door installation. As an alternative, we have access to one of the smallest shutter boxes on the market and offer curved, beveled and square housings to properly suit your home’s architecture.

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