Sun screen solar control devices

Shading devices

Sun screen devices are used if you are looking for a system that offers you shading from brilliant sunlight or glare reduction. Our sun screen systems are similar to the function of a rolled screen; however, the screen’s weave is a bit heavy and denser. Available in 20%- 5% openness they are applied to the exterior of your doors and windows for optimal shading and efficiency. Of course, you could opt for screening from the interior to block the sunlight but once the sun’s energy has entered the structure, it will continuously warm up the interior. That is why our sun screen system is the ideal solution for environmentally conscious homeowners who want to control both the intense heat and glare from the sun that can enter their home. Perfect for homes on a lake or beach, sun screens can eliminate the painful glare that often accompanies the brilliant morning sun. As the morning sun moves across the sky, your screens can then be rolled up completely out of the way, so you can enjoy an unhindered and breathtaking view.

If you want to control that morning glare or add a shading screen to your home, call Hawkeye Windows and Doors today!