Door and window hardware for beautiful designs

Windows and Doors Hardware Accessories – Security done beautifully

Deciding on door and window hardware shouldn’t be a hard decision! Every piece of hardware we offer at Hawkeye is masterfully crafted in both form and functionality. With our tilt-turn operation, the window hardware encircles the sash to provide a tight seal around the complete perimeter.

This enhances the performance of the window’s overlap design to reduce drafts and minimize energy loss. The selection of door and window hardware available to you at Hawkeye Windows and Doors is available in a vast range of colors and styles to suit your personal style, taste and décor. Both robust and beautifully designed, they can even be matched with other hardware in your home. With over 45 design variants and an outstanding array of colors to choose from, we can truly complement nearly any interior design motif.

Discover the endless door and window hardware accessories for your windows and doors at Hawkeye today!