Window Grill Design | Window Grid Patterns

Window Grill Design – Window Grid Pattern

Window grill design and window grid pattern ideas on your windows and doors is an appealing look whether you are admiring them from the inside or outside of your home. It can also create an amazing effect on any window that has a ‘larger than life’ pane, such as a bay window. Just imagine the warm morning sun filtering through your kitchen windows when you notice a mosaic of light and shadows reflecting on your walls.

Window Grill Design – Window Grid Pattern Options

If you want to create a distinct effect with window grill designs, there are a few things you should consider. There are a number of grid options you can chose from which will be dependent on where and how you want the grids placed, as well as the size of grid you desire for your window or door. Our window grill design may be placed inside the glass and sealed or simulated as true grids and placed over the glass surface with and internal partition between the glass. True divided lites are also available with sizes ranging from 25mm (1”) to 135mm (5-3/8”). At Hawkeye Windows and Doors we also offer several stock profiles or custom profiles suitable for your individual project.

Let’s talk about your window grid design / window grid pattern so we can help you create an amazing effect you’ll admire for many years to come.