wood species available for your windows and doors

Wood species of your desire

Wood species selection is important and our wood collection is a vast timberland of rich grains offering beauty, strength and flexibility. Wood is also a high demand product because of its renewability and eco-friendly features. Wood also has a certain personality and each species comes with its own disposition.

Hawkeye’s range of wood species

Our range of wood species is comprised of Pine, Oregon Pine, Fir, Mahogany, Meranti, Spruce, Alder, Hemlock, Sipo, Teak, Sapele, Oak, even Bamboo.

Pine is an economical species to be used for wood and wood-clad windows and doors. If the interior of the window element requires painting, and the exterior of the element is clad in aluminum, Pine will be the default wood of choice. Pine is actually a good choice for a window system because it won’t shrink or swell excessively and it takes paints and stains very well.

For window and door elements that may require some form of visible woodgrain to show, the selection may vary from Oak, which offers a course, uneven texture; to Fir, a medium course texture; to Meranti, a low grain look with low natural luster. For natural wood products that will not be clad on the exterior, Oak, Teak and Meranti are likely the species of choice. But note that Oak is a difficult wood to design for. It shrinks more than other species, is harder to dry in the kiln and may require more maintenance. Also note that Meranti is a common name for Philippine Mahogany and does not have the same resistance to the elements as true Mahogany.

Regardless of the wood species selected, all of our wood and wood-clad products will arrive completely furniture grade finished from our standard stains and paints or from a custom color of your selection. Matching and additional order times apply.

At Hawkeye Windows and Doors we certify many wood species of our harvest with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approvals. If you prefer or need certification for your project, please give us a call and inquire about all the types of wood we offer with FSC certifications.

With our vast timberland of wood species, let the experts at Hawkeye help you find the perfect match for your home!