Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors; the half-n-half door

You’d be hard pressed to find a domestic company today that will manufacture Dutch doors. But with technologically savvy engineering and our skilled European craftsmen any door or window is possible at Hawkeye Windows and Doors. We’ll concede that these stunning doors can be a challenge for most companies to manufacture because of the traditional Dutch door design. Having two independent doors in a single frame while properly aligning them so they close securely and tightly can be a difficult task- especially with today’s demanding energy efficient requirements. Both Hawkeye and our European partners approach crafting Dutch doors with the same respect to detail as any other product we offer in our unique line of windows and doors. We do so, because we are committed to fulfilling our customers’ vision for a special door that is so rare, yet extremely useful when crafted properly.

At Hawkeye we can show you how easy it is to incorporate Dutch doors in your design.

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