Glass Window Wall System

Glass Window Wall System in Cozy Minnesota Cabin Get Away

Glass Window Wall System Project: Minnesota Get Away

Location: Long Prairie, MN

Date: 2004

Building Type: Residential

Window Products Selected: Glass Window wall system of European tilt turn windows.

Summary: The Minnesota Get Away is a perfect representation of natural beauty infused with skilled craftsmanship. While it may be true that very few European windows and doors were contracted for this project, it is undeniably one of our favorites. The raw beauty that reflects the tranquility of northern Minnesota is one that draws many to this region; and we can fully appreciate the owner’s desire to ‘get away from it all’ and spend time at this cozy glass window wall system getaway.

Located in the heart of a serene countryside, the owner had little reason to commission Hawkeye Windows and Doors for quality windows from Europe. However, our client did contact us because he had two concerns he sought resolution for. His first request involved the requirement of tight, secure windows that would perform expertly when the cabin was unoccupied during the winter months. His second concern was founded, in basis, because of his occupation as a sound engineer; and he simply wanted good acoustics throughout his vacation home.

These essential requirements were very easy for Hawkeye Windows & Doors, and we fulfilled the owners request with our robust European tilt turn window and door systems. Our client readily verified how impressed he was with the proficiency of our locking system, along with the multiple weather seals that provided exceptional security and weatherproofing. Moreover, it was the client’s own trained ears that confirmed the acoustic ability he desired had far surpassed his expectations at his cozy cabin nestled in the breathtaking timbers of Minnesota.

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