Passive Solar

A passive solar house in natural prairie grass countryside

Passive Solar Project: Airy Acres Custom Home

Location: Charles City, Iowa

Date: 2008

Building Type: Residential

Products Selected: Motorized rolling shutters

Designed and Builder: Dennis White Residential Designs of Charles City, Iowa

Summary:  This passive solar house, built outside of Charles City, Iowa is a blending of skilled design, a beautiful country setting and quality products. Incorporating solar PV, wind turbine electrical generation, thermal rolling shutters and detailed passive solar design aspects, this home collects and controls energy distribution for year around comfort.

In this direct gain passive solar design, solar energy enters the house through southerly-facing windows and strikes the concrete floors, which absorb and store the solar energy for later use. Hawkeye Windows & Doors’ thermal roll shutters were selected to help insure the solar energy is retained in the house during the evening hours.

This project is great example of how products like rolling shutters, which are more commonly associated with coastal applications, may be utilized in America’s heartland. Hawkeye Windows & Doors are always proud to be a part of such trend setting projects.


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