Melton Wood Curtain Wall

Case Study: Wood-Clad curtain wall in Missouri country side.

Hawkeye Windows & Doors was tasked with proposing a beautiful glass façade design for each end of this A-Framed property and to augment the proposal with cutting edge insulated glass.  We therefore recommended a wood-clad curtain wall with its two inch wide oak post to maintain the greatest amount of viewable glass area and to seamlessly blend into the overall design concept.

We Are Hawkeye Windows

We put together this short video to show the world who we are and how we help outfit homes with  beautiful Euro style windows, doors and wood curtain wall.  It is set to some snappy music so come share with us and enjoy.

Elegant Entry Doors

Tanglewood Custom Home

Tanglewood Custom Home Built 2010

Designer and Builder Kevin Kolb

The Kolb Company, LLC Dexter, Michigan

Easy Operation of Large Doors

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